Offset printing is a commonly used printing technique where the inked image is transferred (or "offset") from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. When used in combination with the lithographic process, which is based on the repulsion of oil and water, the offset technique employs a flat (planographic) image carrier on which the image to be printed obtains ink from ink rollers, while the non-printing area attracts a water-based film (called "fountain solution"), keeping the non-printing areas ink-free.

An inkjet printer is a type of computer printer that reproduces a digital image by propelling variably-sized droplets of liquid material (ink) onto a page. Inkjet printers are the most common type of printer and range from small inexpensive consumer models to very large and expensive professional machines.

The emerging ink jet material deposition market also uses ink jet technologies, typically piezoelectric crystals, to deposit materials directly on substrates.

Our advertising products include full color or 1/2 color:-
  • Sticker
  • Posters
  • Calanders
  • Bunting
  • Banners, banner stands
  • Business Name Card
  • Computer form
  • Packaging design
  • Red / green packet
  • Paper bag, woven bag
  • Rubber stamp and pre-ink chop
  • Bill book, Envelope, letterhead, voucher
  • Invitation card, wedding card
  • Season card (Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Christmas)                                                  
  • Flyers (Leaflets), booklets, catalogues, menu, dairy, brochures
  • T- shirt and Souvenir (Mug, keychains, clothes pinback button, towel...)
  • etc.
The latest printing techniques opened new opportunities for advertising products diversification. We offer to our customers:

  • Pantone, metallic and fluorescent inks printing
  • Hot foil stamping (gold, silver, worn away foils)
  • Embossing
  • Matt and gloss lamination
  • Full-sirface and spot UV-varnishing
  • Scratch & Sniff spot varshing
  • Thermography
  • Die-cutting
  • Punching
  • Folding
  • Perforation
  • Wire binding

At Fast Print we provide a wide range of printing and copying services. From one color forms to four-color process printing, we can satisfy your printing requirements.

Marin provide you with high quality print services, QUICKLY !

For CMYK and spot colour printing as well as specialised printing services like, Marin will find the right solution to your printing needs, at competitive prices.

We want to be your one-stop print supplier. If that means we advice on your business card printing one day or 15 minutes.
You will walk happy with our fast print card printing services and we will feel delighted in having served you to the best of our abilities.

Mariní»s successfully venture into this market has been guided by four main principles: -
  • High Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Just-in-time Delivery
  • Excellent Customer Service
Name Card Menu Cah Bill, Letter Head, Certificate and etc. Souvenir (Mug, Pinback  Butoon, Key Chains...) Greeting Card / Packet ID Card, Computer Form Stickers / Labels Coupon / Ticket, Computer Form Brochure, Flyer, Catalogue Calanders, Diaries, Notebooks Banner / Bunting / Signboard Towel / T-Shirt Woven Bag Rubber Stamp/Pre-ink Chop